Digital marketing is not a DIY or an autopilot medium

by Brian Key

Over the past several years, the growth of online or digital marketing opportunities has continued to soar. Every day we are being directly marketed to, based on searches and our interests — at our desk, our tablet or mobile device.

Without exception, this is the only medium where you can target a specific audience, city, industry or search term and then track the conversion. Print ads, television and radio spots, and billboards do not provide the real-time statistics that digital marketing allows.

Many media companies today offer digital marketing opportunities. The challenge I have experienced, is that they are still learning this new platform and are only selling the service, not a strategic digital approach. In many cases, they struggle to provide strategic results because they are not looking at the campaign as a whole.

Having a deep-seated understanding of the brand is just as critical in planning for this medium as any other, if not more so. We align overall campaign goals, ad content and design with brand strategies. Once the campaign rolls out, you then have to work to optimize and improve the digital campaign’s performance.

For more than 15 years, Copperwing has worked with Jackson Thornton, Accountants and Advisors. In October 2015, Copperwing worked with the firm to launch a targeted digital campaign targeting specific audiences within Jackson Thornton’s key demographic areas – Alabama and Nashville, TN. In those markets we looked at retargeting visitors based on search terms and website visits. Since the campaign launched, it has exceeded the industry average every month.

We didn’t stop there. We have continued to optimize the campaign in a number of ways to help reach the goals initially established. Working with our digital media partner and the client, we ensured that the search and site terms are updated regularly to reach intended audiences. We also looked at the creative messaging to see if changes need to be made due to seasons, events or any other factors impacting the campaign. The strategic knowledge of our client’s brand and our digital media savvy team for post-launch maintenance created just the right mix.

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