Creative professionals passionate about problem-solving We are not building brands so much as we are creating communities that attract people who want to share similar experiences.
Sharing a set of core beliefs is central to a community. Defining those and separating opportunities from obstacles, is where we begin.
We do our homework. Lots of it. We leave no stone unturned to create the foundation needed for a brand community to thrive.
Our Values

Do the right thing

We communicate only truths. We look for alignment in culture and causes when deciding whom we work with and for. We look for those who share our values regarding business ethics.

Design with passion

We believe creativity can evoke emotion, cause a reaction, educate, inspire and inform. We are passionate about helping others succeed. We call Montgomery, Alabama home while working across the country with like-minded clients.

Inspire others

Copperwing’s very name means inspiration. Copper (energy) and wing (flight) combined represent ideas set into motion. We believe in nurturing the creative spirit whether it is in our client’s brand, ourselves or future creative professionals.
Giving Wings

There are many causes that motivate us to get involved but there are two in particular which we work with, in-depth and ongoing.

We have found a true heart-to-heart match in lending our services to  AGAPE for Children.

We also believe in design education and its ability to enhance the quality of life for all of us. DesignAlabama is an important voice in this effort and we are proud to help share their story.

Angela Stiff, our founder, followed her passion in 1999 when she began Copperwing. As a designer and third-generation small business owner, she built the business on two pillars: the highest caliber of modern design and integrity. She knew that a brand well-designed at every touch point could be powerful enough to define its future success.

In 2008, partner Brian Key joined the firm, bringing his experience in communications to the role of Account Director. Since our beginnings, Copperwing has helped build not only brands but more importantly, relationships between people. The people at Copperwing care about what happens in their client’s daily lives and in their client’s customers’ lives. They believe in creating not a product but a brand experience.
Our team of smart, talented professionals truly cares about the success of each client. Thought is put into every detail of every project. We are specialists who share a common passion for creativity and strategic thinking.
Leon Barwick | Copy Director
Leon Barwick
Carla Copeland | Director of Operations
Carla Copeland
Margaret Crimi | Senior Account Coordinator
Margaret Crimi
Emily Dees | Media Manager, Media Planner
Emily Dees
Jacintha Hopson | Receptionist
Jacintha Hopson
Brian Key | Account Director
Brian Key
Spencer Roeder | Interactive and Motion Graphics
Spencer Roeder
April Saunders | Production Manager
April Saunders
Scott Smith | Web Developer
Scott Smith
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